Dead by Daylight Gets Mid-Season Patch Across All Versions

Behaviour Interactive has gone live with the newest update for their four versus one survival horror title Dead by Daylight across all versions, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This new update, that should be available now, adds a new killer, map, and survivor to the game so players can jump in and figure out new ways to survive or hunt depending on which role they take. Additionally, the team added in some known bug fixes, balance changes, and feature upgrades, which they are trying to focus more development time on.

Furthermore, the matchmaking system has been improved match new players with similarly skilled players in order to create balance within matches. Evidently, players have been matched with seasoned murderers, which makes for a not so fun game.

Dead by Daylight has players take the role of a character, most are free, but some require DLC. The goal of the game is to escape being murdered by a player controlled killer who is constantly out to hunt the four survivors. With various ways to survive the night, players must work together, or individually if you don’t care about the safety of your teammates, and escape.

Additional patch notes have been provided by the developer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Author’s take: These games are fun to sink some time into. It’s good to see the game is still seeing support beyond its release and even as the developer is working on new projects.

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