Three Roguelike Visual Novel Titles of the ‘Dawn of Kagura’ Series Coming West Next Week; Hatsuka, Natsu, and Keika’s Story

Shriavune announced they will publish the Debonosu Works-developed roguelike visual novels Dawn of Kagura: Hatsuka’s Story, Dawn of Kagura: Natsu’s Story, and Dawn of Kagura: Keika’s Story in the west on PC-via Johren.

Each title shares characters, but centers around one of the girls. This is a roguelike visual novel though so there’s more gameplay involved than a typical vn. The gameplay is rather dark for each title as there are scenes of tentacles and other fantasy elements that might not be for everyone.

Each of the shrine maidens specializes in hunting youkai. Further, each title in the trilogy tells a different story. Natsu is approached by a villager and asked to rid the youkai in the area. This leads her into some tough situations, but she believes she can handle them.

Hatsuka just returned home from a quest, only to be sent on another one by her father. After complaining about why her older sister, Keika, can’t go, she strikes a deal with her dad. Lastly, Keika is sent on a quest and set on being a good example for her lazy sister. She’s tasked with taking down a giant monkey youkai and does it alone.

While playing, players will navigate dungeons to gather materials and fight youkai. Battles take place on a grid and require some level of strategy to get through. The game features ways to gain new weapons and grow stronger to make it further into the dungeons.

You can check out screenshots from all three titles below:

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