Darksiders III ‘The Crucible’ DLC Now Available; Gets a Launch Trailer

Already dashed and slashed your way through Darksiders III, and want some more action? Well then, publisher THQ Nordic and developer Gunfire Games have released the latest post-launch DLC for Darksiders III, ‘The Crucible’, and it’s available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $6.99.

The DLC gives you access to the “Crucible” an epic, gladiator-style arena where you must prove that you are indeed a worthy and strong warrior. To do this, you’ll need to survive and slay through 101 waves of deadly enemies. The last wave, wave 101, is the final challenge to overcome. Instead of just getting the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” from a Roman emperor, you’ll actually be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

Fear not, you don’t have to take on 101 waves of enemies at once, enemies will come at you in 25 waves. After a set of 25 waves is finished, a “real” Sin will arrive that must be defeated in order to get to the next set of 25 waves until you’ve hit 100 waves. If you survive a set of five waves, you are given a choice: take your glorious rewards, like new armor, enhancements, and rare crafting materials, and dip out, or keep fighting and risk losing everything. However, to get to the final challenge, wave 101, you must defeat all 100 waves without dying — so “git gud” or die trying.

Read all of the features in the new DLC by checking out this handy dandy list:


In this mighty morsel of digital wonderment, competitors can expect to receive a truly earth-shattering experience: The Crucible!

A legendary challenge whispered with reverence across the universe. Not even the Creator could have envisioned such glorious spectacle as that which is found in this fabled arena.

  • 101 Waves of grueling combat, fit only for the toughest and most steadfast of warriors.
  • New armor sets to don as proof of your superiority.
  • New Enchantments never seen until now.
  • Rare crafting materials to improve your weapons and enhancements.

Go ahead and watch the launch trailer for Darksiders III’s The Crucible DLC below to get a good idea of what’s in store for you:

Author’s take: I’m a sucker for battle arena survival stuff, so the latest Darksiders III DLC is right up my alley. It’s pretty badass that the only way to unlock all the new content is by actually playing the DLC. For most DLC, everything is given to you on a silver platter so it’s cool that this isn’t the case with the Darksiders III DLC. 

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