Tactical RPG ‘Dark Deity’ Coming to Switch With New Content in 2022

Freedom Games announced that the Sword and Axe-developed tactical RPG Dark Deity will come to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Dark Deity was previously released on PC-via Steam last summer, but many requested the game be brought to Switch. The tactical RPG elements seem like a good fit for the console hybrid as players can take the long-form battles on the go with them.

The Switch version was teased to also have additional content. However, the developer stated that more on this will be revealed closer to the release date in 2022.

Dark Deity features a cast of 30 characters who can each take on abilities from across 30 unlockable classes. The game also features three difficulty settings with randomizers and a new system that reimagines “perma-death” mechanics called Grave Wounds.

Instead of removing units from the party permanently, the Grave Wounds system gives units permanent stat penalties when their health reaches zero to emulate physical injuries or mental scars. Units will have to adapt to their wounds and discover new tactics to achieve victory.

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We’ll keep you updated on the release of Dark Deity on Switch.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below to see the game running on Switch hardware:

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