Danganronpa Creator “Only Makes Games He Likes,” Affirms He Doesn’t Care About Sales

Danganronpa Creator “Only Makes Games He Likes,” Affirms He Doesn’t Care About Sales

Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka has been on Twitter sharing high praise for his newest game, Rain Code: Master Detective Archive. In a post, Kodaka-san describes the game as the best visual novel-detective game, a sentiment that we also share based on our review. He also added that it has the best story and characters.

This may stem from the lack of Western media acknowledging the release at award shows, including The Game Awards. However, in August, publisher Spike Chunsoft shared the game has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide, which is a pretty significant milestone considering its still a Switch exclusive.

However, it’s his follow-up statement to a fan that showcases his self-motivation and desire to create games that he believes in; a comment said, “Man’s feeling himself,” Kodaka-san replied, “Because I only make games that I like. So I don’t care if they sell well or not. Because it is more distinctive than perfection, and it is not a game that will be liked by everyone. I want as many people with similar sensibilities to me to buy my games as possible.”

With this, I’m sure we will continue to see unique and creative works from the creator and his team at Too Kyu Games. The visual novel genre isn’t widely supported by Western media, so it’s largely up to fans and gamers to get the word out about these games. Creators like Kodaka-san aren’t rare, but many are in a place where their creativity might be held back by publishers and budgets. It’s good to see a developer speaking out so confidently about the subject.

If you haven’t played Rain Code, you probably should. In case you missed it, check out our Interview with Kodaka-san.

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