Danganronpa Animate Collab Reveals New Art & Merch for February 2024

Danganronpa Animate Collab Reveals New Art & Merch for February 2024

Spike Chunsoft has announced a Danganronpa merchandise collaboration with Animate, featuring select characters from the franchise drawn as new illustrations for various pieces of merchandise.

You can view a summary of this collaboration below via our team’s Ryuji:

The Danganronpa Series x Sakusya 2 Animate Dair will be held at participating Animate stores starting February 23, 2024.

In this event, a number of new products featuring newly drawn illustrations from the Danganronpa series will be sold as a pre-order mail order, and there will also be special offers exclusive to the fair in person.

You can pre-order these items in advance from November 30, 2023, to December 17, 2023, and for every ¥1,100 spent on pre-ordering via the mail order, you will receive one random film-style illustration card out of 9 different designs alongside your purchase.

For every ¥1100 you spend at the store when it starts in February 2024, you’ll receive one random Instant Camera Style Illustration A out of 9 designs.

You can view each Danganronpa character’s full illustration as an acrylic stand via our gallery below:

You can view the full list of available merchandise here.

The Danganronpa 2: Chiaki Nanami’s Goodbye Despair Quest manga was recently announced to be releasing in the West.

Danganronpa 2: Chiaki Nanami’s Goodbye Despair Quest stars Chiaki Nanami, the brilliant Ultimate Gamer, who finds herself at Hope’s Peak High School after being chosen among Japan’s most skilled teenagers. The excitement of a class trip to the tropical paradise of Jabberwock Island soon turns to horror when the students learn they are trapped there in a deadly game.

To escape, they must commit murder and avoid detection while their peers engage in life-and-death trials to uncover the truth. With high stakes and no room for error, Chiaki must employ all her gaming prowess to navigate the island’s secrets and lead her friends to the “true ending” of survival and freedom.

In this twisted reality of deceit and peril, Chiaki Nanami’s strategic mind and determination will be put to the ultimate test. As the group faces the grim consequences of wrong decisions, Chiaki’s gaming skills become their lifeline, allowing her to decipher the truth and unmask the real culprits. Together, they must bond and collaborate to find a way off the island, where only the cleverest can secure their escape and ensure their survival.

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