Dangan TV: Hope Keeps on Going Releases First Episode With Developer Commentary and Insight

Spike Chunsoft has launched a new web series all about the Danganronpa series titled Dangan TV: Hope Keeps on Going.

The webseries aims to give players a look at the series and maybe provide some interesting facts about the development. This first episode is called How I Discovered Danganronpa and features the voice on Makoto Naegi, Megumi Ogata, Rikako Ito, and Gaiha Shimakura. The developers in the episode are Yoshinori Terasawa, Danganronpa Series Producer, and Kazutaka Kodaka from Too Kyo Games.

The two developers look about their time working on the series and learn how fans discover the game through messages.

Danganronpa first launched in 2010 on PSP before making its way to PS Vita, PS4, PC, and, just recently, iOS and Android devices. Each entry features dark themes of a group of characters who are trapped in a death game by a murderous bear named Monokuma. In order to escape, a character will need to get away with murder. However, if they are caught by their peers than they are murdered. There’s plenty of curveballs and uncovered mysteries during each entry that aims to shake up the series as well.

You can watch Dangan TV: Hope Keeps on Going below:


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