Daedalic Entertainment Will Reveal Six New Titles Over The Coming Weeks

Over the next few weeks, Daedalic Entertainment will be revealing their most ambitious lineup ever. The German publisher will reveal six brand new titles, spanning a multitude of genres – from turn-based RPG, co-op roguelike, survival-MMO, and classic adventure experiences.

Via a press release, Cartsen Fichtelmann, CEO and founder of Daedalic Entertainment, shared how this year is going to be a major year for Daedalic, “2019 will be by far the most successful year in the history of our studio, we’ve never had a more diverse and substantial portfolio.” Fichtelmann also mentioned that both the publishing side and the development side of Daedalic are working hard to bring gamers quality titles, “I am not only talking about our publishing division here. We have development teams in-house working on AAA-projects on a scale that will astonish our fans and media. With IPs like this, we aim to create a stir that goes beyond the gaming industry.”

For this year, as well, Daedalic plans on focusing more on supporting their titles. Fichtelmann shared that the studio has “closely monitored the shift towards Games-as-a-Service” and that the studio’s upcoming games “fit this approach perfectly.” Rather than releasing a game and moving onto a different project, with Daedalic’s upcoming lineup of games, Fichtelmann said that studio wants to “offer players high-quality content for these games over months and years after release.”

Longtime fans of Daedalic’s adventure games, like the Deponia series, should expect to find that some of the studio’s iconic titles will be released on consoles in 2019. “Adventures have always been a cornerstone of our success. Our community can look forward to some of our most popular and iconic titles becoming available for consoles throughout the year,” said Fichtelmann.

Plans to bring the Deponia series to console were already announced since Goodbye Deponia is already available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — having launched just last week.

Aside for adventure games, the upcoming Daedalic published title Intruders: Hide and Seek, which we’re curious about, releases for PlayStation VR digitally on February 13.

Once Daedalic begins revealing their lineup of games for this year, you can count on us to share them all.

Author’s take: Sounds like Daedalic will be launching a nice mix of games. I’m curious if each upcoming game, like their turn-based RPG, will fit the “Games-as-a-Service” model that the studio has been keeping an eye on. We’ll have to wait and see. 

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