Daedalic Entertainment Reveals First-Ever Team RTS Game ‘A Year Of Rain’

Daedalic Entertainment has revealed that the studio is, for the first time internally, developing a multiplayer real-time strategy game called A Year Of Rain, going into early access for PC later this year.

Not too long ago, we shared how Daedalic is working on six interesting titles, and so far, we know two of them: the grimdark RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead and now, A Year Of Rain. What will come next? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Players will start A Year Of Rain by choosing one of three rival factions (House Rupah, Wild Outcasts, and Restless Undead) and becoming immersed in gameplay mixing base-building, resource-gathering, and unit-training. If players need to hurry things up and become powerful, they’ll have the option to upgrade structures and units to their heart’s content. With a masterfully assembled army led by a legendary hero, players will then set off to fight alongside their faction.

The game will be a team-focused RTS that will combine classic real-time strategy elements with a strong focus on hero units. No matter if players play online or offline, the game is designed with a team of two in mind, so players should expect to take part in jolly co-op campaigns.

However, A Year Of Rain will also be catered towards players that are looking for a more competitive experience. Via a press release, Daedalic’s CEO and founder, Carsten Fichtelmann, shared how the game “marks our [the studio’s] first steps into the esports area”, so the chances of there being tournaments for the game are pretty high.

This is especially the case, since, the classic 2v2 “Skirmish” mode in A Year Of Rain is being developed for competitive matches from the very start. In addition, the game’s “Against all Odds“ mode will be a fresh new take on the RTS genre as it’ll have two lone heroes face two entire armies, who have full command of units and structures.

Since Daedalic has focused on creating point-and-click adventure games in the past, some might think the studio stepping into the RTS genre, which is a difficult genre to take on, isn’t the best idea. With that said, Carsten mentioned — in the same press release referenced previously — that the studio is “aware of the various complex challenges this genre entails” and that he is “proud to be able to support our dev team with their dream project.”

A Year Of Rain will enter early access on PC in 2019 featuring one initial campaign and several multiplayer modes. Post-launch, Daeadalic is planning to expand and support the game by adding in various new features, content and more.

Get an idea of what A Year Of Rain will be like by checking out the screenshots below:

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