CyberConnect2 Would “Love” to Return to .hack Series to Tell More Stories

CyberConnect2 is a Japanese developer that even if you don’t know off the top of your head, you’ve probably played one or multiple titles that they’ve worked on over there years. From the Naruto Shippuden fighting game series to the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot fighting action game, the developer has been constantly behind the wheel of some rather popular titles across various licenses.

With that said, one of the developers most beloved series is an action RPG series known as .hack. Recently, the second part of the series .hack//G.U. received a remastered release on PS4 and PC titled .hack//G.U. Last Recode, which also introduced a new volume to the game that concluded the story. However, this still leaves the first four volumes of the original .hack series up for discussion whether or not we will see them remastered.

In a conversation with CyberConnect2’s executive vice president Taichiro Miyazaki, Noisy Pixel asked if they had plans to remaster the first four .hack titles, to which Miyazaki-san replied, “When it comes to the first four games, we cannot provide any comments about that.”

As a follow-up question, we asked the developer if they had more stories to tell in the .hack universe and if they’d like to one day return to it, Miyazaki-san shared, “When it comes to returning to the series and creating something new, our staff would definitely love to do that. It may happen in the future, but that, of course, would depend on many things.”

Currently, CyberConnect2 is trying their hand at self-publishing in the west with their upcoming adventure RPG, Fuga. Perhaps fans letting them know of the demand for the series will be enough, but our bet is that they probably already know and are just waiting for the right time to unveil any potential projects.

We’ll have the full interview with the developer up soon where we discuss the game in detail as well as what other plans CyberConnect2 has for the west and as a company in the future.

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