Cyanotype Daydream Releasing On Steam Next Week

Laplacian has announced the release date for Cyanotype Daydream. This new all-ages edition of the visual novel will be available worldwide on PC -via Steam– on February 10. It’ll have English and Chinese subtitles besides Japanese voices and text option.

Cyanotype Daydream is divided into four cases, each of which tells the story of men and women whose relationships bloom into romance. Each of those stories happens in different settings, which are connected to previous titles of Laplacian such as Newton and the Apple Tree. However, knowledge of those works is not necessary as it shouldn’t actually impact the story.

The final case, Case-0, is only unlocked after seeing the other ones. In this last story, a young boy with no memories meets a taciturn girl who seems to have lost something. As a series of experiments happen, their bond will get deeper and the return of his memories will bring forth the unveiling of the true story.

While the original Japanese release of Cyanotype Daydream contained 18+ content, Laplacian has since moved from the eroge scene. However, instead of completely removing content from the game in order to have a clean release, the new version plans to be a significant revision with new event CGs and epilogues.

The company has previously shared some screenshots that reveal some of the romantic displays of affection in the game and how erotic they can still be even without the explicit act. Those are from Cyanotype Daydream‘s Case-1 but Laplacian confirmed the other cases will also feature similar content in their new CGs.

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