Cyanotype Daydream Gets Official English Site, Details and Four Trailers

Laplacian has created an English Twitter account and an official website for their upcoming visual novel Cyanotype Daydream. The title will be released on PC -via Steam– only in All Ages format. Though it was originally expected for December 2021 according to its Steam page, the company is currently aiming for a February release. A specific release date has yet to be announced.

Cyanotype Daydream: The Girl Who Dreamed the World tells an emotional and romantic story of three pairs of men and women, each with their own cases. These stories later converge into a fourth one that’s also the true story of the world. Four trailers, each featuring the opening videos for these cases were revealed.

Case-1 tells the story of the 45-year-old professor Kaoru Arishima, who had once hoped to become a novelist but gave up on his dream because he couldn’t compare to his senior. One day, after the death of one of his colleagues, he meets Rei Hatano, daughter of the man who led him to despair.

As his marriage to Shoko Arishima grows worse by the day, he starts to long for the young woman. At the same time, this literature loving girl becomes an incentive to get him back into writing once again. They all live in Yumemi, a medium-sized city with a university with really high rates of successful employment after graduation.

Case-2 takes place in Tenbridge, England. A young man called William Shakespeare is gifted with perfect memory and has to run a pub with his blind father. As a side job, he sells plays to the theater but even he is still in a dire situation with barely enough money to care for his father.

One day he sneaks into a noble’s manor to steal food for his weak father but he’s caught by two people. While Harold Spencer wants to cut his head off, Olivia Berry decides to save him so he can become the playwright of her own troupe.

Case-3 tells the story of a young man called Kanna Amei, who dropped out of Nariyama Sky Academy and spends all his time holed up in his dad’s garage. One day a teacher-in-training called Sumomo Momonouchi visits him to try to get him back to school. Passionate, she’s not the kind of woman who would back down.

This story takes place in Nariyama City fifty years after the artificial pigeons rendered all communication devices useless. This setting is the same as the one in Laplacian’s The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons, which will be released in English by NekoNyan. However, according to the writer, onoWasabi, this is just a setting choice with the other game being completely irrelevant to Cyanotype Daydream.

Last but not least we have Case-0 which tells the story of a young man called Kaito who has no memories about himself. On the other side of the room, a young woman called Yonagi lies in another bed having also lost something.


They’ve also shared a gallery of images for Cyanotype Daydream:

We’ll keep you updated on Cyanotype Daydream as Laplacian shares more information on the game.

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