Cyanotype Daydream Gets New Trailer and Case-3 Character Profile; Available Now on Steam

Cyanotype Daydream Gets New Trailer and Case-3 Character Profile; Available Now on Steam

Laplacian has shared a new trailer for Cyanotype Daydream. Though the visual novel was said to be releasing on February 10, it was anticipated and is already available on Steam now. It currently has 10% discount, being sold at $35.99 until February 16.

Cyanotype Daydream is divided into four cases, each of which tells the story of men and women whose relationships bloom into romance. Each of those stories happens in different settings, which are connected to previous titles of Laplacian such as Newton and the Apple Tree. However, knowledge of those works is not necessary as it shouldn’t actually impact the story.

All the stories later converge to the last case, Case-0. In it, a young man with no memories meets a taciturn girl who also seems to have lost something. As the two go through experiments, their bond deepens and the return of the boy’s memories will allow him to grasp the true nature of the world as well as bring the story to its climax.

While Cyanotype Daydream has four individual openings which were shared before, the company has also shared a new trailer teasing the complete story:

Through their official English page, Laplacian has also shared short character profiles for Case-3 characters. The heroine in that case is Momonouchi Sumomo, who’s known as Peach by her friends. She’s a teacher-in-training who has a hard time fitting on what society expects of her. In short, she’s a free spirit and still young at heart and mindset.cyanotype daydream

The hero in this case is Kanna, a boy who dropped from school. He has always dreamed of becoming a photographer but his father shuns the idea. After dropping out, he spends all his time trying to fix his late mom’s old van, which is a big part of his memories of her. The story here is one of his growth over the summer he gets to spend time with Peach and how he decides on his future.Cyanotype Daydream Case03 3

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