Cyanotype Daydream Gets New Screenshots Showing Erotic Handholding In New CGs

Cyanotype Daydream Gets New Screenshots Showing Erotic Handholding In New CGs

Laplacian has shared some new screenshots from their upcoming all-ages release of Cyanotype Daydream. They show some of the CGs that are new to this version which will be available in English on Steam this February. A specific release date has yet to be revealed by the company.

Cyanotype Daydream is divided into four cases, each of which covers the romantic story of a man and a woman in different eras and places. However, the context for the first three cases won’t feel entirely alien to people who played through Laplacian’s other games as the areas are based on previous works, such as Newton and the Apple Tree.

The last case is locked until players get through all the others working as a point of convergence for their stories. In this final story, a young boy who had no memories sees a taciturn girl who also seems to have lost something. By undergoing some experiments to help her, he’ll recover his memories and figure out the truth.

While the original Japanese release of Cyanotype Daydream was an 18+ product, Laplacian has moved from the eroge market to become an all-ages company. As such, the new release will not feature the original sex scenes. Instead, it’ll offer 28 new event CGs, 4 new movie CGs, a new outfit for one of the sprites, new backgrounds, 2 new movies, a new epilogue and new scenes for every case.

Interestingly, the company has shared an early look at some of the new illustrations that’ll be available in this all-ages release of Cyanotype Daydream. Unexpectedly, instead of simply cutting the sexual content, those images hint at other forms of erotic and romantic displays of affection. Though the whole “handholding is lewd” sentence is usually a joke between anime and manga fans, these really make a good case to consider it unironically.

We’ll keep you updated as Laplacian shares more information on Cyanotype Daydream.

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