Custom Mech Wars Allows You to Reach Into Your Imagination and Create Intricate and Elebrate Mechs…or Just Mechs With Big Boobs; PS5 Demo Available Now

Clouded Leopard Entertainment released a new gameplay trailer for their mech action game Custom Mech Wars.

The trailer highlights gameplay and various ways players can approach mech creation. They seem to focus on some of the zanier ideas, but it looks like there are a great deal of customizable parts.

A demo prototype version is available to play for free now on PlayStation 5.

In Custom Mech Wars, players craft their own distinct mechs using the innovative Omega Customization System. Unlike traditional restrictions to bipedal structures, this system allows you the freedom to configure mechs with multiple heads, legs, and arms positioned as desired. The parts you select significantly influence your mechs’ abilities and combat styles, enabling personalized units tailored to your preferences.

Engage in mecha battles in a dynamic third-person action shooter using your Omega Customized creations. Equip your mechs with a diverse range of weapons to confront incoming adversaries, experiencing intense mecha combat exclusive to your personalized Omega units. Defeat enemy units, salvage their parts, and further refine your favorite mechs. Embark on various missions, alternating between battling and customizing for ongoing excitement.

Join forces with other players in the competitive landscape of Omega Customized mechs. The game’s online multiplayer feature allows up to four players to collaborate on story missions, replicating the single-player experience. Team up with friends for mission-based adventures and proudly display the mechs you’ve precisely tailored to your preferences.

Custom Mech Wars is coming to PlayStation 5 on December 14, 2023.

You can watch the trailer below:

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