Cupid Parasite Patch Delayed to “Ensure the Quality”

Idea Factory International has released a statement for when fans can expect a patch to fix gameplay issues discovered near the game’s release.

Initially, the publisher shared that they will need 4 weeks to push the patch, but they have announced that it will not come this month. The publisher is extending the debugging for the patch to ensure the quality is up to their standards.

The publisher also shared that they’ll receive a build next week, and an update on the patch’s timeframe should be provided by December 3.

The patch will fix text issues found throughout the routes of Ryuki and Raul.

Cupid Parasite tells the story of a cupid called Lynette Mirror, who runs from home and starts living in the human world. Working at a bridal adviser company, she’s managed to climb to the top of the company, being recognized as the best employee. Taking that into account, her boss decides to give her a special job.

She has to manage the five worst clients the company has ever had. Known as Parasite 5, they’re infamous for causing a lot of trouble. By marrying them off, she’ll be able to get a big promotion, but this may end up being the most challenging job of her life.

Worst of all, they’ll all have to live together as part of a reality show to promote the company’s expertise. The plot is quite colorful and unpredictable as various quirky situations arise in this romantic comedy story.

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You can read the full statement below:

Cupid Parasite

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