Crystar Introduces Lovely Cast of Characters With Illustrations and Details

Spike Chunsoft released character details for the FuRyu developed RPG Crystar, coming west for PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam on August 27.

The details introduce five of the game’s female characters who players will meet during the game’s story.

Here are the characters:

Rei Hatada – The protagonist of the game who fights in Purgatory to bestow Revival to her sister who she murdered. The story doesn’t focus on her heading out on a quest to save the world or pursuing  revenge for some evil deed, she is merely doing all of this out of hope that she can bring her sister back to life. She is quiet and often serious, but when she gets emotional she will speak up and do whatever she can to complete her mission.

Mirai Hatada – Dragged into Purgatory by a certain Revenant along with her sister, Rei. Mirai must come to terms with her sister’s actions and trust that she can be helped out of this ordeal.

Mephis – A manager of Purgatory who collects the crystallized form of tears known as Idea.

Pheles – A manager of Purgatory who is creepy and unstable.

Anamnesis – A humanoid Revenant who is responsible for dragging Rei and Mirai into Purgatory and the true cause of why Rei killed Mirai. Having amnesia, she also seeks out Revival to use on her memories in hopes that she games them back.

In case you missed it, check out our interview with Spike Chunsoft that sheds light on some details from the game.

You can check out some character illustrations below:

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