Crystar Character Designer Celebrates Crymachina Announcement With Artwork of Both Protagonists; Rei & Lebel

To commemorate the official announcement of the FuRyu-developed action JRPG, Crymachina, the company has shared new artwork from Crystar’s character designer, Riuichi. The protagonists of Crystar and Crymachina, Rei Hatada and Lebel Distel, are beautifully depicted.

If you missed it, check out our intricate announcement coverage, comprising story information, character renders, screenshots, a trailer, and a soundtrack preview.

Further, the most recent Famitsu issue confirmed that the game’s development is 70& complete.

The protagonist, Lebel Distel, is on the edge of death, and as she seemingly passes away, a voice saying, “You have been chosen,” echoes in her head. An android named Enoa then greets her. Throughout this title, players take control of girls fighting to achieve catharsis in a cruel, harsh world. It is set in the future after mankind has become extinct and occurs in an outer space structure known as Eden.

Artificial life forms called Deux ex Machina self-evolve here with the goal of achieving Human Restoration. However, when the first Deus ex Machina and overseer of Eden, Propator, is lost, a rift opens between the Dei ex Machina. Players can look forward to combat boasting intricate weapon customization.

NIS America has confirmed the game will have a Limited Edition with more details arriving in the May of 2023, and the Deluxe Edition will contain a mini artbook, reverse cover, and a digital soundtrack download code.

You can view Riuichi’s full illustration of Rei and Lebel below:


Crymachina will launch westward for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Fall 2023.

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