Crysis Remastered Review – Wishing for a Remake

    Title: Crysis Remastered
    Developer: Saber Interactive
    Release Date: September 18, 2020
    Reviewed On: PS4
    Publisher: Crytek
    Genre: Shooter

First-person shooters have significantly evolved, and I feel like we take them for granted without truly understanding all the nuances and tweaks made to the genre in recent years. I fondly remember going over to a friend’s house ten years ago, excited to see just how amazing this new game Crysis was that everyone was talking about. Suffice to say; I was blown away by the game’s visuals and cinematics. It took advantage of the most powerful hardware at the time, and now it aims to do that again with the release of Crysis Remastered. Sadly, as nostalgic as the experience is, Crysis Remastered is a product of the past, and it shows during every moment of gameplay.

Crysis Remastered has players take on a rescue mission after North Korean troops invade a remote island. Players assume the role of a US soldier named Nomad, who quickly learns that this mission is much bigger than he or his teammates could have ever imagined. Upon arriving on the island, the group learns that North Korean soldiers are the least of their worries as an alien race threatens their lives. With their pride on the line, the group aims to not only leave the island but complete the mission as well.

The narrative is set up as a typical macho fest of tough guys yelling orders with explosions going off during every scene. Still, it’s pretty gripping in its final moments, and you can’t help but root for this team as if you were watching an over-the-top action film such as Predator. This remastered version provides the best visuals for these moments, but sadly, the character models still retain much of their janky polygon expressions and almost robotic movements.

Crysis Remastered 2

We’ve been over this before in our Nintendo Switch review of Crysis Remasteredwhich lacks in the visuals department, but still runs decently on the console hybrid. So you can imagine that I had some high expectations for the PC and console release. Going over the options, it’s clear that Crytek is once again pushing our machines to provide a unique gaming experience, but to what end? Why am I maxing out my PC for Crysis of all games in 2020? The sad realization is that nothing you do will make the game a better experience as it’s mostly cosmetic.

Like its original release, Crysis Remastered comes off like a tech demo where Crytek shows us how they push their technology for a remastered title. Rendering a ton of enemies in an area at one time in a world that feels alive is something that is all here, but this is found in most shooters released this generation. Furthermore, I quickly found myself taking advantage of the poor enemy AI every moment I got.

Crysis Remastered 3

One big issue that I had is how stealth is such a prominent feature while using your nano suit. However, even if you are behind an enemy, the second that the nano suit is off, you are spotted. It doesn’t matter if the enemy is on the other side of the screen and facing another direction; if you lose that camouflage, bullets will start flying.

The enemy AI is just bad. So much so that I found myself doing everything I could to never come into contact with them. Funny enough, this is precisely what I did I ten years ago, but I remember accepting it a lot more, even liking it to some points because of just the sheer amounts of enemies that there were. Now, though, it’s not something I really feel like putting up with.

Where Crysis Remastered shines is in the visuals department, and if you’ve been dying for a reskinned Crysis, then you’ll get that here. Still, I wanted more from this release in the gameplay department.

Crysis Remastered 1

Crysis Remastered is more of a capsule from a simpler time of the first-person shooting genre. Playing is undoubtedly fun because of the various things that players can do, with the inclusion of tight gunplay and engaging missions. However, I can’t help but wish for a complete remake because the age of this adventure holds it back from being anything more than a way for us to show our kids the terrible mechanics and AI that we used to put up with.

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