Crymachina Producer Details Why There’s an All-Female Cast; Wanted to “Reduce Distractions that Come with Labels”

Publisher NIS America recently interviewed the producer of the FuRyu-developed action RPG Crymachina, Fuyuki Hayashi, asking about various facets of the upcoming title.

In one such question, Hayashi revealed why this title has an all-female cast. At first, he detailed his dislike for the discrimination some people receive over their labels, influencing the decision to incorporate machines into the story so the “human” label wouldn’t become a distraction.

Additionally, this distaste for labels was a reason why the cast is wholly comprised of females—the usual automatic associations of love resulting in a man and woman being together impacted this choice, too.

You can view the quoted question and response below:

What is the importance and significance of all female lead characters?

Some of the major themes in this work are “humans and machines” and “love and slaughter.” These motifs were incorporated due to my distaste for discrimination over labels. When I hear the phrase “people are precious because they are human,” it bothers me somewhat.

I believe that a person isn’t precious simply because they are human, but rather because of the human they are, and because of the heart they possess. I didn’t want the label of “human” to become a distraction in the story. When trying to depict the subtleties of the heart, I wanted to start with a different label than “human = precious,” which is why I made the main characters mechanical and incorporated machines into the theme.

One reason for having an all-female main cast is to reduce the distractions that come with labels. I’m fond of love as a thematic, but I don’t think simply being a man and woman together inherently justifies it… Similar to my previous point, I believe that seeing another person for their soul alone and holding affection for them is a beautiful way of being. I decided to simplify that concept by expressing it in this manner as a singular example.

In the interest of avoiding spoilers, I cannot discuss its significance or importance to the story.

You can view the full interview for additional comments.

The Crymachina protagonist, Lebel Distel, is on the edge of death, and as she seemingly passes away, a voice saying, “You have been chosen,” echoes in her head. An android named Enoa then greets her. Throughout this title, players take control of girls fighting to achieve catharsis in a cruel, harsh world. It is set in the future after mankind has become extinct and occurs in an outer space structure known as Eden.

Artificial life forms called Deux ex Machina self-evolve here with the goal of achieving Human Restoration. However, when the first Deus ex Machina and overseer of Eden, Propator, is lost, a rift opens between the Deus ex Machina. Players can look forward to combat boasting intricate weapon customization.

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Crymachina will launch westward for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on October 24, 2023.

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