Roguelike Dungeon-Crawler ‘Crown Trick’ Gets Release Window Set for Switch and PC

Team17 announced they will partner with developer NExT Studios to release the roguelike dungeon-crawler Crown Trick on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam in Q3 2020.

The publisher also released a new gameplay trailer that quickly introduces you to the game’s world as well as shows the main protagonist. Additionally, players get a preview of the game’s many labyrinth environments and loot drops.

“As we prepared Crown Trick for its release, we wanted to ensure we found a partner that could maximize its success outside of mainland China. With its strong sense of spirit and track record of success, we could not think of any better than Team17. Crown Trick’s imaginatively unique synchronous gameplay, coupled with roguelike action, is a compelling and strategic experience, and we’re looking forward to launching it in the West with the support of Team17.”

Crown Trick is roguelike royalty, a beautifully realized and unique experience thanks to its mix of gameplay features, and fits perfectly with our portfolio of titles. The Nightmare Realm, its traps and monsters, and its procedurally generated maze provide a deadly and compelling environment for strategy and RPG fans alike.”

Crown Trick is a strategy roguelike where players explore a dungeon to try and escape a nightmare. Each floor is littered with weapons and items for players to use in combat that each has unique stats and abilities. Furthermore, weapons have their own range as well, which covers a number of tiles or just one. There are currently over 40 active skills, 60 possible abilities, 30 usable items, and 170 special weapons known as relics in the game.

The game features puzzles in the dungeon as well, with over 60 to get through on top of the ten boss battles that await players in each run. The dungeons are randomly generated with plenty of ways to get new gear.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the game.

You can watch thew newest trailer below:

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