Action RPG ‘CrossCode’ Gets Update That Adds New Quests, Dog Petting, and More

Deck13 released update details for the Radical Fish Games developed action RPG CrossCode, available now on PC-via Steam and coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

The update titled patch 1.1 adds a handful of new content to the game. For starters, players will now find that new quests have been added in the CrossWorlds. This includes the addition of new characters to the game as well.

However, the update doesn’t stop there, the team has also finally opened up the Arena. Visiting Rhombus Square, players will find the arena where they can fight waves of enemies and boss monsters. These challenges will be fully customized in order to give long time players a true challenge. Winning in the arena will grant the player Arena Coins which can be used to purchase new equipment and decorative add-ons.

Arguably the most important add on is that players will now be able to get pets and pet them.

Here is the full list of update details:

  • New Quests have been added
  • New Characters can be found all over the place
  • Arena Mode has been added and offers fresh challenges
  • Auras are a thing now
  • Pets. Because everyone loves Pets.
  • New Combat Theme for S-Rank Battles
  • Enemies spawn faster during S-Rank
  • Challenge Mode added for the Turret Defense Minigame
  • Probably a few bugs we’ll fix asap

CrossCode features 16-bit graphics and tells the story of a character named Lea as travels through dungeons and fights hordes of enemies. The game boasts a large world with 7 areas and over 120 enemy types along with over 30 bosses. The game’s dungeons each have secrets and rewards for those that explore. Additionally, the action combat system features over 90 skill that players will learn over the game’s 100 quest story.

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