Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Considered Part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Project; New Yoshinori Kitase Comments

Recently, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion executive producer and for the VII Remake series as a whole, Yoshinori Kitase, shared a message on the Chinese video sharing website, Bilibili. He briefly discussed various aspects regarding the future of the Remake efforts and specific facets of particular titles. Thanks to prominent community member Audrey for translating his comments.

Much of the information he states is not new, as it arose during the myriad of interviews published a few weeks ago. However, there are a few new tidbits here worth keeping in the back of one’s mind.

“Remake” has many meanings, not solely referring to the original Final Fantasy VII. Additionally, both Remake and Rebirth mean “to restore anew.” These statements are quite vague, as Kitase and the team assuredly want to keep crucial narrative elements under the hood for the time being.

Regarding Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, plans to develop it finalized in the middle of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s development. Further, Crisis Core is receiving a remaster because it’s essentially the catalyst for the original Final Fantasy VII’s narrative, and the team wants more people to experience Zack’s story because the game was originally only available on PSP. His importance to the Remake trilogy is also emphasized once more, as the staff wants fans to understand and be aware of Crisis Core’s events.


The really juicy stuff comes from a particular series of sentences causing quite the rambunctious conversations in the community. Kitase reaffirms that the storyline of Crisis Core will not change in this upcoming remaster but that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion should still be considered to be part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Project.

Certain scenes in Remake and the Rebirth teaser trailer clearly depict new scenarios involving Zack, so the events of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will likely have new rippling effects for the future. Lastly of note is that a potential Dirge of Cerberus remaster is restated as not currently planned since it occurs after the original Final Fantasy VII.

Reunion being a faithful retelling of the original game was previously confirmed. Still, its connections to the Remake project at large were left quite tenuous up until now, save for a certain tweet from earlier this month. Admittedly, it’s possible that the finale of Reunion may grant a brand new scene or two, teasing Rebirth, but who really knows at this point. Regardless, I’m thrilled to see what direct ties Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will have to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and beyond.

crisis core

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is set to be a modernized retelling of the original Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a prequel to the game that initiated this beloved sub-franchise. Players control Zack, a hyperactive and determined SOLDIER yearning to become not only First Class, but also a hero in his own right. Combat utilizes real-time action elements alongside the innovative “Digital Mind Wave” system, used to perform special attacks called Limit Breaks and achieve other notable feats.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Winter 2022.

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