Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner Leave Early Access Next Month; Full Release Will Feature 40-Hour Campaign Across 50 Levels

Black March Studios announced they will launch Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner out of Steam Early Access for a full release on September 5, 2023.

Compared to the Early Access release, Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner will feature a 40-hour long campaign with more than 15 playable classes, 3 mounts, and over 50 levels.

The game’s late development has been fine-tuned by players providing feedback to the devs. The game will launch at $30.

The kingdom of Wendalle is undergoing a tumultuous period marked by ideological divisions and eroding trust. The situation escalates into a civil war, endangering the entire kingdom’s stability as rival duchies vie for the throne. Among these duchies, Swozalta, led by Duke Arsenio Duran, stands out as he employs ruthless tactics to secure more power and influence. As he quashes the opposition, a resilient rebel faction persists in their mission to expose and overthrow him. However, Duke Duran’s formidable military is systematically weakening the rebellion’s efforts, suggesting their inevitable defeat.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner.

You can watch the most recent story trailer below to get a preview of the gameplay:

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