Otome Game ‘The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling’ Receives Switch Update Fixing English Language Issues; Steam Version Coming Soon

HuneX EN has announced two updates for the otome game The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling. Firstly, a new update has been released on Switch to fix some of the English language issues of the game and some minor bugs. Secondly, the development of the Steam edition is done, so the PC release is imminent.

The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling is set on a continent where the population of women has decreased due to a disease known as “The Rot.” Players assume the role of Naala, who lives in Rus after her mother has been abducted by people from Nasla.

Now an orphan, she relies on her friend Auri, the next king of Rus and someone whom she adores like a brother. After several years pass, Naala found herself as the bride-to-be to Auri, but that’s when the Nasla army comes to kidnap women once again. As a leader figure for the women, she’ll have to make an effort to help the women survive and protect their pride during these tragic circumstances.

If you’d like to know more about the game, check out our review. One of the aspects Ryuji pointed out as an issue was the translation quality assurance. As such, this new update should address at least some of the issues, like mistranslations, inconsistencies, misplaced line breaks, weird phrasing and word repetition.

The updated translation will also be the base for the Steam release of The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling, which the publisher will release “soon” but no date has been provided yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as HuneX EN reveals more details about the game’s PC edition and their other upcoming titles such as the Switch exclusive Hana Awase New Moon.

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