Visual Novel ‘Criminal Border 1st Offence’ English Release Announced by Shiravune; November Release Date

Shiravune has announced the English and Chinese edition of Criminal Border 1st Offence. The first part of the episodic visual novel series developed by Purple Software will be available on PC (Steam, Johren) and the store pages reveal a November 13, 2023 release date.

As usual, the Steam version will be all-ages and an 18+ patch will be available through Johren, which will also sell the full edition. It’s also worth noting Shiravune modified the game’s name on Steam to “Liminal Border Part I” for unknown reasons, which was likely them trying to not trigger Valve’s censor ban or something.

Criminal Border tells the story of Itsuki Ninomae, an otaku who likes to make AMVs but never had much of a following. One day he makes a special kind of video that arouses the viewers by mixing together famous anime scenes creating something akin to an electronic drug. Though he’s initially frightened by the idea, he now craves for more, becoming a full member of the underworld.

With the help of his childhood friend, Rin Akinashi, who hides a cunning demeanor behind her good manners and excellent grades, Itsuki starts getting involved in multiple illegal activities. He also ends up getting more intimate with the girls, whose voice actresses include Sazanami Suzu, Cyclamen Kaori, Alice Nene, and Momoyama Ion.

The story is written by Fumi Kazuki (9-nine-, Nanairo Reincarnation, Kimagure Temptation) with illustrations by Same Manma. The series is still ongoing in Japan, with the final two volumes, “3rd offence” and “life sentence”, coming in an unannounced date.

Check out the opening video for Criminal Border 1st Offence below:

We’ll be sure to let you know as Shiravune reveals more information on Criminal Border as well as their many other upcoming projects.

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