Visual Novel ‘Criminal Border: 2nd Offence’ Gets 2024 Release Window on Steam Page

Visual Novel ‘Criminal Border: 2nd Offence’ Gets 2024 Release Window on Steam Page

Shiravune announced they will publish the Purple Software-developed visual novel Criminal Border: 2nd Offence on PC via Steam and Johren. The all-ages version is listed as Liminal Border Part II and will require a free external patch for the additional content.

Criminal Border: 2nd Offence brings to life a diverse cast of characters, each intertwined in a complex web of alliances, betrayals, and personal ambitions. At the center is Kotoko Teshigawara, the daughter of a crime syndicate boss, who joins forces with Itsuki and his friends as they find themselves in deep debt. Despite her daunting lineage, Kotoko has a strong sense of justice and faces loneliness due to her father’s reputation. Meryl Hathaway stands out with her fragile appearance but surprises with her exceptional skills in emergencies, earning respect from the Yakuza.

Rin Akinashi, the protagonist’s acquaintance, hides her cunning nature behind a facade of perfection. Deeply attached to money, she runs a large-scale business with Hina Yorozuya, facing challenges along the way. Hina, known for her likable personality and close bond with Itsuki, is involved in Rin’s business endeavors. Tatsuya Yorozuya, Hina’s brother and a leader in the delinquent world, shares a complicated relationship with money and violence. Shiori Iida, a schoolgirl, plays a crucial role in the gang’s financial predicament, while Koji, a former member of DREAD from Badman Academy, vanishes after a failed theft.

Shoji, a teacher at Badman Academy, supports Itsuki and Hina in their business, and Shinonome, an executive in the Yakuza, is a sharp-witted underling of Goro Teshigawara, the syndicate leader and Kotoko’s father. Goro wishes for a normal life for his daughter despite his criminal activities.

The story of Criminal Border: 2nd Offence revolves around Rin Akinashi and Itsuki Ninomae’s “business venture,” which leads to a debt of twenty million yen to the Yakuza. In a bid to overcome this crisis, they approach Kotoko Teshigawara for an alliance. The plot thickens as they navigate a world rife with violence and crime, raising questions about their survival and moral choices.

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