Pinball Dungeon Crawler ‘Creature in the Well’ Out Now on Xbox One, Switch, and PC

The pinball hack and slash dungeon crawler Creature in the Well, from developer Flight School Studio, has flipped and bumped over to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam and it’s just $14.99.

The title is also available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. If you’re like me, it’s hard to turn down something that looks cool and happens to be free, so it might be a good idea to give Creature in the Well a-go — even if you’re not a “pinhead.”

As the last remaining BOT-C unit, players venture deep into a desert mountain to restore power to an ancient facility, haunted by a menacing Creature that doesn’t quite like unwelcomed guests. Just like in pinball, challenges, set by the Creature, pop up out of the blue that players are going to need to overcome. These challenges can range from intense battles that have players charging up energy orbs, then bouncing and ricocheting them to hit enemies, to solving intricate puzzles.

As players go deeper and deeper into the mountain, they can expect to unlock eight hand-crafted dungeons that have plenty of unlockables to unlock and many secrets to uncover. Furthermore, there are over 20 unique items to acquire, making it easy for players to customize their playstyle with weapons and clothing that can be upgraded, which ultimately can change how the game is played.

Whether you’re a die-hard pinball enthusiast or simply a fan of dungeon crawlers, Creature in the Well could very well be for you.

Go ahead and take a nice plunge right into the game by checking out the launch trailer below:

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Brad Crespo

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