Even The Creator of Final Fantasy Is Baffled By The Final Fantasy VI Terra Magitek Figure Pricing

Yesterday, we reported on a brand new incoming Square Enix Masterline figure depicting Terra from Final Fantasy VI riding atop the iconic Magitek armor. However, what made this figure so notable, aside from its seemingly remarkable craftsmanship, was its frankly outrageous price tag. Costing over 1 million yen, the equivalent to roughly US$ 11,549.68, the intended market for this figure is questionable, to say the least. Adding on to this point, only 600 of these figures are planned to be produced, with 150 of them being Japan-exclusive.

Recently, the creator of Final Fantasy himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi, quote tweeted the announcement of this Terra figure, finding the pricing to be absolutely outrageous.

Sakaguchi’s tweet translates to the following:

There’s…no way. Isn’t this even more than the amount that cost to produce the Fantasian diorama?! Isn’t that a bit of a yikes? Are you okay, Square Enix?

We’re right there with you, Sakaguchi. Even the most hardcore fans will be hard-pressed to purchase such an extravagant figure, and I’m quite curious to see who ends up getting their hands on it.

Final Fantasy VI launched on SNES in 1994 and has since received numerous ports. In this adventure, players find themselves on an experience that follows The War of the Magi. A thousand years after those events, humanity has been rebuilt, and a character named Terra appears with mysterious powers. She meets Locke on a mission that helps her escape the Empire.

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