Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1 Review – How Would You Like A Knuckle Sandwich?

Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1 Review – How Would You Like A Knuckle Sandwich?

When it comes to post-apocalyptic stories of multiple natures, manga has often been a medium to come up with crazy premises. Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1 is one such story with a unique spin packed with action and the potential for some delicious-looking food.

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Crazy Food Truck tells the story of a man called Gordon Goliath. He travels around in his food truck to sell his products wherever he winds up. While we hardly know much about him, he seems to be very passionate about making food, even though it’s hard for him to get any sales at all.

One day, he finds a mysterious young girl called Arisa sleeping on the road. This event will put him and his truck on the target list to the military. However, neither of them is fragile, so messing with them will bring terrible consequences to whoever crosses their path.

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One curious aspect of Gordon’s and Arisa’s relationship is that neither pries into the other’s businesses. Thus, the volume has little to offer when it comes to knowing them beyond personality and crazy antics. However, there are hints here and there, and the ending is a shocking revelation about Gordon’s past.

When it comes to personality, the two characters act like opposites. Gordon tends to be composed and a little austere like a father. On the other hand, Arisa is laid-back to a fault. The girl is just enjoying the experience without a care in the world. Her stomach is a bottomless pit, and she likes to walk around naked.

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We learn a little about the world, though. The story takes place in what seems to be a time after catastrophic events. Where once there were oceans, deserts have taken their place. As a result, life forms have changed over time to adapt to current circumstances. Water is also supposed to be a scarce resource.

The idea is interesting for the setting and could make for unique recipes like one of the two shown in this first volume. However, there’s a feeling the story is playing a little safe and not showing much. What should have been an appealing journey feels much more shallow.

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There’s still too little build-up, and it isn’t using its setting smartly yet. For that reason, what we see in the volume doesn’t have much weight. It’s also hard to see much evolution to the narrative until a last-minute reveal, making it all feel slightly forced and convenient.

On the other hand, Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1‘s main attraction here is the very dynamic action pieces. The pacing for those moments is excellent, with stylish sequences and even a showcase of how good the protagonists’ chemistry is despite their lacking communication.

Though there are many good moments on the action side, I have to say the very last sequence in the volume is impressive. It shows the duo coordinating as if they were a single being and the darker shades are perfect to convey the blood and violence.

Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1 is an action-packed story taking place in a unique setting. However, the volume barely shows a little of what this world could offer. The result is a little shallow so far, but there’s room for growth and more twists later down the road.

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