Couple Speedruns Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Together With 1 Controller

Couple Speedruns Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Together With 1 Controller

During the recently concluded KH20 event, a fan-led celebration for Kingdom Hearts’ 20-year anniversary, both in-person and online, a couple known as Radiant Gardeners performed a rather incredible feat, speedrunning Kingdom Hearts Final Mix with split-controller usage. To clarify, they both have their own controller, but they’re altered by software that essentially makes both controllers halves of each other.

This run was not their first, but it’s still impressive regardless. Given this challenge’s inherent alteration in approach, every seemingly minor movement requires considerable trust in the other pulling it off. Further, battles are a whole new ball game that necessitates remarkable practice and faith. Every now and then, I think I’ve seen it all with how fans play Kingdom Hearts, but I’m consistently proven wrong, and I love that since it displays the passionate love fans have for this franchise.

You can view the Radiant Gardeners’ latest split controller speedrun for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix below:

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