Counter-Strike 2 Releasing Summer 2023; 3 New Trailers

Valve has uploaded three new videos onto their YouTube channel for their competitive first-person shooter Counter-Strike 2. The presentation is emphasized in one video, with the maps getting a new look, though players can still utilize their previous knowledge for gameplay advantages.

There are touchstone maps and classic maps with better lighting, though their actual contents and functionalities have not been altered. Other maps are upgraded with Source 2 lighting for enhanced realism. Then, there are overhaul maps that have been rebuilt from the ground up. The various tools used will be available for community map makers as well.

Another video details Smoke Grenades, with their environmental reactions playing integral roles in strategical match-ups. Lastly, tick rate was discussed, where evolved intricacies have all manner of movement, including navigation and shooting, so the experience feels smoother and borderline seamless. This is all thanks to the addition of sub-ticks, which, as its name implies, will add further responsiveness to every player input.

Each of these new trailers also reveals that Counter-Strike 2 will launch in the Summer of 2023. The official website contains more information, including a limited test.

You can view the Counter-Strike 2 video detailing maps below:

You can view the Counter-Strike 2 video detailing Smoke Grenades below:

You can view the Counter-Strike 2 video detailing the tick rate optimizations below:

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