Cooler Master to Host Summer Summit 2021 Digital Event Revealing New Products

Cooler Master revealed their digital Summer Summit 2021 event to be held digitally via web-conferencing software Gather Town. This will allow users to attend virtual rooms to check out upcoming products from July 15 through July 17.

The aim here is to replicate a live event with interactivity for attendees. There will be various virtual spaces for users to gather with created avatars. Those who attend can interact with digital products, meet with Cooler Master employees, and complete easter eggs to win prizes.

The following products will be on display throughout the week:


  • The MM730 and MM731 retain the innovative spirit of Cooler Master while maintaining the familiar aesthetic of classic gaming mice. Each pro-grade feature is intended to give you lightspeed responsiveness in the blink of an eye: genuine PTFE feet for unrivaled glide, hybrid 2.4GHz/Bluetooth wireless for supreme versatility, adjustable 19,000 DPI optical sensor, and optical micro switches for superior durability and input.
  • The CK721 wireless mechanical keyboard is an elegant small form factor solution for both work and play. A 65% layout and hybrid wireless technology emphasizes portability with nearly universal OS & platform compatibility, while a sandblasted aluminum body imbues the sleek durability necessary in an everyday workhorse. In addition, mechanical switches give you the reliable performance, feel, and responsiveness you can count on. With all the features you need that just work, the CK721 is your go-to keyboard you want in the office and your gaming setup.
  • Lastly, the full-sized CK351 and CK352 gaming keyboards provide responsive controls in reliable hardware that are rated to last longer than your most intense all-nighters. Dustproof and waterproof with state-of-the-art optical switches rated for over 100 million keypresses – and a debounce time that’s virtually instantaneous. Add to that fully custom RGB lighting, media controls, and Cooler Master’s signature On-the-Fly Control system, and you have a steady, rugged workhorse that gets the job done.


  • The Summer Summit launches four new colorways for the best-selling NR200P. Each color has been chosen as a result of a vote held on Reddit. The NR200P Colour Variants also represent a physical embodiment of Cooler Master’s new VI, and celebrates a community consisting of independently unique personalities. Remastered in Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange, and Nightshade Purple, the NR200P utilizes clever space-saving measures to create a statement-making SFF chassis that is unmatched in component compatibility, thermal efficiency, and ease of assembly.
  • In addition, Cooler Master unveils its new line of MAX systems. Intricately optimized with years of thermal, power delivery, and mechanical design expertise, MAX systems are Cooler Master’s ready-to-go solution for PC enthusiasts who are looking to max out their PC performance.
  • Each MAX product is pre-installed and pre-routed with tailor-made thermal and power delivery solutions, allowing users to enjoy a user-friendly, luxurious build experience with minimal time investment. The first iteration, NR200P MAX aims to provide users with an unprecedented, streamlined yet powerful SFF build experience. Lastly, Cooler Master’s premium line of riser cables as well as the Vertical GPU Holder Kit has now been upgraded to fully support PCIe Gen4 standards, providing faster, more efficient data transmission. Available in 200mm and 300mm, the riser cables utilize high-quality plastics to grant increased cable flexibility and strength. Designed for extra durability and to prevent electromagnetic signal interference, this MasterAccessory is bound to make a lasting difference in system performance.


  • Unveiled for the first time during Cooler Master’s Summer Summit is the new Hyper H6/H6DT ARGB. Engineered with Xtra Dimensional Heat Pipe Contact (XDHC), Cooler Master’s innovative technology provides complete CPU coverage and direct contact of 6 heat pipes for superior heat dissipation.
  • Also on display will be the MasterLiquid ML240P/ML360P Flux, the new embodiment of enhanced performance cooling. The dual-chamber pump has further honed flow and pressure to target hot spots for rapid and precise heat dissipation.
  • In addition, the Mobius Series will also be making an appearance. The materialization of Cooler Master’s architectural design towards fan perfection, the Mobius Series features a new Ring Blade Design (RBD), utilizing interconnecting fan blades created to form a reinforced and solid framework, eliminating vibration to achieve an even more fluid and dynamic fan rotation. Lastly, Cooler Master’s Addressable RGB LED Tube Sleeve is the first developed sleeve designed to spice up the look of your liquid cooler tubing. The sleeve features 30 ARGB LEDs compatible with major motherboards for the most versatile customization of your water cooler lighting.


  • The XG Platinum series was created to provide 80 PLUS Platinum certified efficiency and high-end performance with reduced temperature requirements. This unit offers full-modular cabling, a 135mm silent fan, and Smart Thermal Control mode for silent operation, better airflow, and longer performance life. In addition, 100% Japanese capacitors have been used in both the platform and cables for increased efficiency and reduced ripple noise.
  • Together these features deliver one of the first power supply units available for retail that meets all Intel ATX 12V version 2.53 guidelines. In addition, the XG Plus Platinum offers performance monitoring with the built-in Information Display Panel and manage these features and ARGB lighting with Cooler Master’s free MasterPlus+ software.
  • Lastly, the M1600 / M2000 Platinum was built for those who need raw, highly efficient power in massive amounts. Built with specialty projects in mind, this power supply unit is the biggest Cooler Master has to offer at 1600 and 2000 watts. This is a powerhouse unit built for pure performance at the lowest cost possible. Boasting 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency, full-modular cabling, and a 135mm silent fan, this PSU will power any system you can throw at it.


  • Immerse yourself with Motion 1, the evolution of all chairs designed by Cooler Master in close collaboration with D-Box. Equipped with the world’s first haptic engine optimized to fit a “Work & Play” chair and powered by the D-Box game and movie library, Motion 1 delivers the experience of 4D Cinema and Immersive gameplay right into the comfort of your room. Hybrid 1 is designed to bridge the void between professional gamers and content creators, the key demographic of long-hour PC users.
  • Hybrid 1 combines the benefits of comfort-driven office chairs with support-based racing seats and delivers this idea in a symbiotic solution that allows ergonomic customization to a user’s preference for maximum airflow during longer sessions. In addition, Cooler Master’s new flat Gaming Monitors GM27-FQS, GM27-CFX, GM32-FQ deliver outstanding performance for “Work & Play” Setups. The GM27-FQS boasts an ultra-fast IPS panel at 165Mhz and 1ms that performs smoothly even under the most extreme conditions whilst the GM27-FQX runs 240Hz framerate with 1ms response time and features quantum dot picture quality.


  • The GamePod is the first announced release under CM IMX, a multi-purpose workstation with full immersion in mind. A sleek, semi-enclosed desk space is housed in a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for superior privacy. Visual and audio capabilities truly elevate the immersion: the GamePod supports up to three 27” monitors, and surround sound speakers are housed directly in the workstation to create a realistic, accurate soundstage even without headphones.
  • In addition, a newly designed ergonomic recliner provides an adjustable head rest, lumbar support, and footrest for comfort customized to you. The GamePod is compatible with multiple different PC and monitor configurations, with the ability to set up a console for gaming capabilities as well.


  • The StreamEnjin is an all-in-one livestream mixer that allows you to edit and switch your inputs for seamless broadcasting of your content. Easily create and deliver your customized livestream to multiple CDN broadcast destinations, with 8 preset scenes for convenient personalization.
  • Simple button layout makes switching and mixing a breeze, with the versatile iPad app giving you the freedom to edit your overlays to your liking. The StreamEnjin is designed with a portable form factor with a handle-stand to grab and go to stream from any location you desire.

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