The Current Hot-Topic Conversation About A Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Hotel Room Hiding Future Lore

The Current Hot-Topic Conversation About A Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Hotel Room Hiding Future Lore

I’ll be completely transparent here; I think this subject matter is kind of ridiculous, but I also kind of love it. So, a couple of days ago, a new conversation topic took the Kingdom Hearts community by storm. A prominent Kingdom Hearts community fan translator, Audrey, recently attended a booked stay of the Kingdom Hearts 20-year anniversary Disney ambassador hotel. This is a rather impressive feat, considering how quickly spots for these accommodations sell out.

In this room, there lies a treasure chest, and its contents can not be shown until April. However, you are allowed to discuss it, which is what Audrey did, igniting the powder keg known as the Kingdom Hearts fanbase. Within this treasure chest was apparently a replica of the Oathkeeper Keyblade, except understandably far more diminutive in size.

However, what Audrey took note of is that the keychain of this Keyblade is depicted differently than it is in the games; the entirety of it is coated in blue, as opposed to only being half-blue. She also shared further details on this different design, and it has been a hot topic for conversation since the hotel room’s key is a replica of the Oblivion Keyblade, which has been recreated 1:1.

Now, this may be simply a manufacturing error, which content creator Bio-Roxas reasonably explains:

Still, the non-allowance of photos for this Oathkeeper while still being allowed to talk about it is admittedly bizarre. If efforts were being taken not to ruin the chest contents surprise for future room attendees, then even talking about it should be prohibited, but it’s not. Regardless, fans have been discussing this entirely blue Oathkeeper keychain potentially alluding to a new game reveal during the upcoming anniversary event in April.

Personally, I’m half and half on this situation. While the prospect of hinting to future lore reveals in a hotel room of all things is undeniably absurd, this is also the same series that put canonical lore in an in-person concert leading up to Kingdom Hearts III’s release. So, I wouldn’t say this is impossible. The idea of this mysterious keychain being a manufacturing error is far more reasonable, but with Kingdom Hearts, who knows what the hell lies in store.

At the end of the day, I think this is an entertaining subject matter, and there’s nothing wrong with discussing it. It’s a fun little aside to ponder on prior to the anniversary event that will likely announce the next monumental steps for the series. This hotel incident is worth keeping in the back of your mind at least.

You can view the Twitter thread from Audrey delving into this Oathkeeper keychain mystery below:

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