Conan Exiles Receives Large Free Update Bringing Pets and Taming

Funcom revealed a new patch for their action survival Conan Exiles, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Coming five months after the game’s official launch, this free update contains the largest amount of content since the game left Early Access. The update allows anyone who owns the game the ability to tame animals and use them in battle or just build a farm and have them produce materials for you.

Additionally, the update introduces a new dungeon called Midnight Grove and a new religion which allows players to summon the flying avatar of Jhebbal Sag, a name that is so nerdy you just have to find out what it is.

Also, the Savage Frontier Pack, which is available on PC, will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on October 17. This is paid DLC that will add more pet skins, new equipment, and new building pieces.

You can check out the trailer and screenshots for both the free update and the paid DLC below:

Author’s take: I’m glad to see Conan Exile’s getting so much support, the game is large and requires a lot of time invested. Even though this game isn’t for me to play, I find myself watching compilations of cool moments from time to time.

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