Compile Heart Games Perform Well in Germany, Reveals CEO

In a rather lengthy Famitsu interview, Compile Heart CEO president Naoto Tominaga and producer Hikaru Yasui revealed several games the developer is working on. However, one exchange discussed the developer’s reception and success outside Japan.

In response to these statistics regarding non-domestic matters, Tominaga didn’t have anything specific to say other than the fact that Compile Heart games are well-received in Germany for whatever reason.

You can view the translated exchange below via our team’s Ryuji:

Interviewer: By the way, which platforms do you sell most of your products overseas? Is PC (Steam) the strongest platform?

Tominaga: It depends on the sales period because the PC market takes a long time to sell, while many consumers want to buy games on the day they are released. However, if you look at it over an average period of three years or so, you can see that the PC market is huge. Of course, nowadays, games are made available for download on various platforms, so there is not that much of a difference. I feel that the PC is now a game console as well.

Interviewer: By the way, which Compile Heart titles are doing well overseas?

Tominaga: There’s not a specific one doing exceedingly well, but recently, I heard that our games are well-received in Germany. I am a little surprised (laughs). (The interviewer also laughs.) That doesn’t mean we make games for the German market, and I don’t think we should change based on that.

You can read more details via Famitsu.

This Famitsu issue also announced a new Touhou tactical RPG with Compile Heart and Sting called Touhou Spell Carnival, a Death end re;Quest spinoff titled Death end re;Quest Code Zion, and the confirmation of development having begun for the highly anticipated Death end re;Quest 3.

A new RPG under the developer’s umbrella is Todokero! Tatakae! Calamity Angels.

Compile Heart also announced that they have begun developing a new mainline numbered Neptunia entry since they have now established a clear direction.

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