Compile Heart Developing New Numbered Neptunia Game; They Now Have a Clear Direction

In an interview with Famitsu, Compile Heart staff Naoto Tominaga and Hikaru Yasui talked about the future of the Neptunia series, specifically regarding the next mainline, or numbered, entry.

While vague, the team now has a clear direction of where they want to go with this project. This conversation occurred after a discussion about five other announced titles.

You can view the translated exchange below via our team’s Ryuji:

Interviewer: So you are planning to release all five titles we were able to ask you about at once between spring and late summer 2024? Incidentally, it seems that many of these five titles are being produced in collaboration with third-party development companies.

Yasui: Yes. We are currently working on a new numbered title for Neptunia. However, since this is Compile Heart’s flagship title, we are taking our time to create it.

Interviewer: How is the development of this new Neptunia title progressing?

Yasui: From about two years ago, a small group of key staff members, including producer Mizuno and Tsunako, have been discussing the contents of the game, and we have finally reached a point where we have a clear idea of the direction we want to take.

Interviewer: So it sounds like you are just getting started?

Yasui: That’s right. We recently finished releasing Neptunia Sisters vs. Sisters (2022) and GameMaker R:Evolution (2023), so we are now getting ready to move on to developing a new numbered game [in the series].

Interviewer: It’s been a while since you released a new numbered game, hasn’t it?

Tominaga: Since the last numbered game was released, new hardware, such as the PlayStation 5, was released. It would be very difficult to create a new numbered game for multiple platforms suddenly. That’s why we decided to make a new title after [Sisters vs Sisters and GameMaker R:Evolution]. I think we will actually be able to bring the new titles after the release of the five new Compile Heart titles.

The last new numbered Neptunia entry was Megadimension Neptunia VII in 2015.

You can view additional details via Famitsu.

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