Thriller Visual Novel ‘Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day-‘ Reveals Kickstarter Launching Later This Month

Lemnisca announced they will launch a Kickstarter for the Catalyst developed mystery adventure visual novel Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- on September 30.

Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- was created as a homage to popular science-fiction visual novels such as Ever17 -Out of Infinity. The game features over 20 hours of gameplay and contains three different routes. The story follows a group of people who get trapped in a submarine 700 meters under the sea near the bottom of the seafloor. While the group does everything they can try and escape, they uncover many mysteries and other happenings around them.

In order to bring the game west, Lemnisca is seeking $50,000 to release the game in 2020. This will be the first time Lemnisca has published a game, but the campaign will almost entirely go towards funding the localization of the game. This is due to the length of the visual novel, which is about 1 million Japanese characters in length.

They’ve also revealed stretch goals to includes additional CGs and a bonus scenario. However, the team has plans for a Nintendo Switch version if the goal of $122,000 is reached.

Backers will be able to get a copy of the game digitally for $15 and physically for $35 along with other rewards.

The developer has added that Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- has never had sexual content and that they plan to be fully transparent through the Kickstarter campaign to keep fans updated.

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