Otome Fans Rejoice: ‘Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~’ and ‘~Future Blessings~’ Coming to Switch in the West

During Anime Expo 2019, Aksys Games announced that they will publish the Idea Factory developed otome visual novels Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ that will release on Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ were originally released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in the west beginning in 2015. The games follow Cardia who lives an isolated life in an abandoned mansion in order to fulfill a promise that she made to her father. Evidently, the locals didn’t enjoy this too much and began to refer to her as a monster. Suddenly, the Royal Guards break into her house and capture her. Without a clue as to what’s going on, she then meets a thief named Arsène Lupin who offers to break her out of her prison. From there, Cardia finds herself on a journey of new friendships and love.

The game is set in a steampunk-like version of Victorian England. Players will find some pretty handsome boys each fighting for Cardia’s attention, but in the end, there can be only one. Through choices in dialogue, players will go through various routes with each of the hunky dudes and hopefully fall in love in the meantime.

You can watch the Japanese trailer below:

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