Code: Realize Future Blessings Switch Review – The Boys Are Back in Town

    Title: Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~
    Developer: Idea Factory
    Release Date: April 23, 2020
    Reviewed On: Switch
    Publisher: Aksys Games
    Genre: Otome

Sequels for romance visual novels are tough if you don’t want to throw out your previously existing cast of fleshed-out characters. The continuation of the story would need to focus on the ending for one specific love interest or create its own canon route that didn’t occur in the original game.

However, that’s the joy of fandiscs because you don’t have to do any of that, and instead, put in whatever the hell you want. Of course, the story needs to have substance. With that in mind, Aksys released Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ on Nintendo switch, and since I liked the original title so much, I thought should continue my fairy tale adventures with these fine gentlemen.

Code: Realize stars Cardia Beckford, a young woman who kept herself away from humanity due to a slight physical affliction that involves secreting a corrosive acid from her skin that melts just about anything she comes into contact with. Those lonely days were put at an end when she was caught up in an adventure involving several people based on public domain characters. This adventure would take many forms, but eventually, the group would band together and Cardia would fall in love with one of them. But wait there’s more!

It’s totally possible for Cardia to also fall in love with someone entirely different, such as a handsome consulting detective, or maybe she won’t pursue a romantic relationship at all. There’s a multitude of content that ~Future Blessings~ offers.

Code Realize Future Blessings 1

Let’s begin with the obvious, the game spoils the everloving hell out of the base game so probably play the original first so you can appreciate the fantastic ensemble of characters it provides. The first thing that Future Blessings presents are epilogue stories, there’s one for each route of the original title, and they’re filled with wholesome, romantic, and adorable moments between Cardia and your chosen hero.

Each route is a decent length and doesn’t drag out for too long, even if you’re bouncing between the five of them. In terms of minor content, there are also some charming skits that focus on the minor party member Delly. The real meat of this fandisc, however, is in its two new routes and side-story.

The side-story happens to be a linear tale that takes place in the middle of the original game, featuring a collection of new faces that puts Cardia quite literally in the driver’s seat. The justification for these characters not appearing before and after this story is barely tenable at best but it’s a fun romp and the new characters are great.

Code Realize Future Blessings 2

The two additional routes diverge from the midway point of the original story with one focusing on Finis, one of the antagonists who are kinda-sorta Cardia’s older younger brother so this actually makes up an entirely platonic route which is executed exceptionally well and fleshes out parts of original story fans thought were rather weak.

The other route focuses on Sherlock Holmes from the Arthur Conan Doyle canon who has disguised himself as Herlock Sholmes from the Maurice Leblanc canon, who himself is absolutely not a sherlock holmes knockoff, what could have possibly given you that idea. Watson is there too.

Silliness aside, these routes had the benefit of being written after the fact, and take full advantage of the previously established set pieces to enact some utterly wild plotlines. There are even more background tracks, and some absolutely top quality CGs to go along with them for maximum impact. The character art is just so soft and romantic and the new few CGs offered, keep that marvelous aesthetic going.

Code Realize Future Blessings 5

Code: Realize Future Blessings is a fantastic addition and continuation of the base story as it gives players a chance to spend just a little more time with these characters across some excellent new scenarios. The game fleshes out plot points that its predecessor left on the table all without altering the best moments of the overall story.

If you enjoyed Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth, then I’d give Future Blessings a very strong recommendation. However, if you’re interested in these titles and haven’t played either of them, the dual pack is available called Bouquet of Flowers, which has both this fandisc and the original game on PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita.

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