Co-op Adventure Game ‘Biped’ To Support Shareplay on PS4 in Future Update

Next Studios announced that they have plans to support Shareplay on PlayStation 4 for their co-op adventure game Biped, available now on Steam and PS4 digitally.

The Shareplay feature request comes from users who, at this time, are social distancing and can’t really have friends over to play the game locally. Currently, the Shareplay feature is blocked, but the developer seems to want to fix this as soon as possible. In a statement made to Twitter, the developer shared:

We are actively working on supporting SharePlay on PS4 in the upcoming version and will let all of you know the moment it goes live as an update to the game!

Biped is a co-op adventure game where players take control of a robot’s two legs. This comes with a bit of practice, but using two analog sticks or the mouse buttons, you can make the character walk. Throughout the game, this becomes more challenging as you are tasked with solving various puzzles that require the help of another robot character. The game also allows solo play as well for those who can’t bother with friendship.

Biped has players assume the role of Aku and Sila as they go on an adventure through multiple stages. However, teamwork is everything in this adventure, and players will need to work together closely in order to get through the level’s puzzles. The game has a cartoonish appeal, but the layer of difficulty for its puzzles shouldn’t be overlooked. There are also secret areas hidden behind tougher puzzles that contain treasure and cosmetic upgrades for the characters, such as a hat.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.

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