Anti-Romance Visual Novel ‘Club Suicide’ To Get English DLSite Garumani Translation

DLsite Garumani, the otome branch of DLsite, has announced the English, Chinese and Korean release of Club Suicide: Complete Edition. The company still hasn’t revealed details about this upcoming PC release, such as a release window or whether this translation will only be available in their store.

Club Suicide is a visual novel developed by MORPATH and published by Celtia. It was originally released on PC in 2020 and its unique concept caught the otome fandom by storm with many western players interested in getting it. A Japanese-only Complete Edition with upgrades to its visual and sound aspects, new scenarios for every route, extra endings, and a different engine was released on Steam on June 5, 2023.

Club Suicide tells the story of a young girl called Shindou Ringo. Having a hard time socializing, she often skips school, but one day she decides to go to classes and ends up finding a weird recruitment poster to a “Club Suicide”. She had contemplated the idea before but had never been serious about doing it.

Once there, Ringo meets five boys seriously planning their deaths. Unable to tell them she has never been serious about the prospect, she will now have to spend the next seven days with them, seeing them commit to their plans in full as they try to deal with their attachments to this world. Just like other otome games, she’ll be able to spend more time with one of them leading to their specific route, but don’t expect it to end up romantic in nature.

Check out the opening video for Club Suicide Complete Edition, which has some disturbing imagery, as expected from the name of the game:

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