ALcot’s Visual Novel ‘Clover Day’s Plus’ Releasing in English This Week

The Steam listing has revealed the release date for Clover Day’s Plus. Developed by ALcot, this cute-looking story was originally released in Japan back in 2014 and had a big revamp in its Plus edition in 2016. NekoNyan will bring it to PC (Steam) with English subtitles on August 18, 2023.

Clover Day’s is an emotional story about a boy named Yuuto. After being abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain, he was adopted by a merchant named Takakura Yoshiomi and moved to Japan. Though the new reality brought with it many tribulations such as learning the language and acclimating to the new place, Yuuto had the help and love of his new sisters, Anzu and Anri, and he made friends in Tsubame and Izumi.

Ten years later, the group’s hormones are overflowing and it’ll be impossible for things to stay the same for the boy and the girls who share a special bond. Another pair of twins that they played with, Hekiru and Hikaru, show up and some forgotten events emerge as memories.

Multiple routes await according to the choices players make, leading Yuuto to grow closer to the six girls. The story was conceived by Soranoshita Hajime, whose other works include Onigokko!, Yomegami: My Sweet Goddess, and My Girlfriend is the President. Illustrations include a collaboration of Chikotam (11eyes, eden*’s female characters), Namanie (Tsuihou Senkyo), Narumi Yuu (11eyes, Onigokko!), and Nimura Yuuji (My Girlfriend is the President, Onigokko!).

Check out the Japanese opening video for Clover Day’s below:

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