Classic Anime Action FPS ‘Mullet MadJack’ Releasing for PC 2024; Screenshots, Renders & Trailer

Three-person team HAMMER95 have announced that their classic anime action FPS Mullet MadJack will launch for PC via Steam in 2024.

Set in the 2090s, players find themselves in a cyberpunk world heavily inspired by classic 80s and 90s anime. The goal is to save the most popular influencer held captive by an organization made up of billionaire robots. But you’re mainly in it for the dopamine above all else.

As players ascend the building, their actions are being watched by crowds through live streams, amplifying the tension needed for an even more memorable success. However, one’s reputation is also on the line if all goes awry.

Players can anticipate a campaign mode where time plays a factor as they try to complete their aforementioned objective and an endless arcade mode dubbed Survival Mode where players try to outlast their friends. Further, rogue-lite elements are implemented, with character growth determined by choice.

The soundtrack plays a critical role in the experience as well, inspired by the synthwave genre, solidifying the urban atmosphere. Moreover, the “contrasting colors between black and vibrant hues evoke the aesthetic of violent and mature anime from the VHS era.”

You can view official screenshots, renders, and key art for Mullet MadJack via our galleries below:

You can view the gameplay trailer for Mullet MadJack below:

Mullet MadJack is also planned to launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch at some point down the line, with Steam Deck testing currently underway, too.

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