Daughter Raising Simulator ‘Ciel Fledge’ Gets Gameplay Details and Release Date

PQube announced that the Studio Namaapa developed RPG simulation game Ciel Fledge will launch Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on February 21, 2020.

To give players a better idea of the game, the publisher released a gameplay trailer that walks players through some of the mechanics. After finding her in a desert storm, players will get to know their daughter as she grows. Each day, players can talk and customize their daughter’s outfits as well as set up her schedule for the week ahead. However, gameplay extends beyond that as the schedule ends up being the most crucial part of raising your daughter. Things, like learning and hanging out with friends, will be factored into the girl’s scheduled. Additionally, there are battles in the game that will evolve as the girl grows.

During, Ciel Fledge players will need to raise Ciel from a young girl to an adult. This requires them to do small tasks like name her and make sure she gets to school every day. However, everything will be unique depending on how you approach her upbringing. Ciel’s hobbies, jobs, interest in people, and abilities will all come from the way she is raised. Over the years, she will grow and players will be able to see the fruits of their labor. Ciel Fledge also will have multiple endings depending on how she is raised.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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