ChronoClock: Drama CD Releases on PC in the West Offering ASMR Listening for Fans

Sekai Project has released the ChronoClock: Drama CD in the west for fans to spend a little more time with girls of the Purple Software-developed visual novel ChronoClock, available now on PC-via Steam.

The ChronoClock: Drama CD offers fans seven tracks with over 53 minutes of audio featuring the girls’ voices from ChronoClock. The CD focuses on a short story featuring Cro as she enlists D.D. to out more about the girls close to Rei and what exactly their relationship to him is. Given that she is naturally curious about humans, Cro reasons that whoever Rei gets together with will be someone that will also end up being in contact with Cro, so D.D. heads out to get the details.

It should be noted that this is a drama CD and is just audio with subtitles projected on the screen. The base game is not needed, but the developer is having a sale on ChronoClock offering 30% off.

ChronoClock tells the story of Rei Sawatari, a boy who has the power to reverse time using a pocket watch. He spends his days confessing his feelings to several cute girls, but things become a bit more complicated. One day, a girl comments suicide to save her; he turns back time and figures out the cause of it, making it his mission that she succeeds in her goals and doesn’t end her life again.

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