Choujin X Vol. 1 Review – Dark and Satisfying

    Title: Choujin X Volume 1
    Author: Sui Ishida
    Release Date: February 21, 2023
    Publisher: Viz Media

Sui Ishida has returned to the manga game with his new series Choujin X Vol. 1. Fans of Tokyo Ghoul should be ecstatic about his latest story, which is a must-read. The story takes place a few decades in the past, and the world commonly deals with beings called “Choujin.” These Choujin beings have unique abilities and properties depending on the motif behind the ability.

Choujin X Volume Vol. 1 1

Without revealing too much (the volume starts off crazy), I can say it revolves around a young man named Tokio, a recluse who lives behind the shadow of his polar opposite best friend, Azuma. Azuma is popular in school, talented, and protects Tokio whenever he needs help. It is implied that Tokio and Azuma frequently help people in need in their city when they see them. Hence they end up the enemy of a man harassing a woman in public.

This altercation leads to Azuma and Tokio making a drastic choice to save their lives. This decision is what begins the story of Choujin X and prepares the reader for the harshness of the world. We are also introduced to Ely, a farmer girl the same age as Tokio, who comes off as the deuteragonist for the series instead of Azuma. She is introduced before Tokio but is given less screen time than him, clearly distinguishing between their roles in the story.

The first volume covers the first six chapters, and we are given introspection by all the main cast while leading into the following minor plot points to move the story forward. It is incredible how Ishida can mix characters while keeping the plot in the future. Tokio is already forced to look into himself as a character, and his decision with Azuma to save their lives makes a crack in their relationship.

Choujin X Volume Vol. 1 2

It is impressive to see how Choujins are looked at within the first volume of the series while focusing only on Tokio’s and Ely’s perspectives. It is clear that Ishida has a plan for the future of Choujin X. Each character introduced in the first volume seems to have a more significant role in the future. If you enjoy this first volume, you can continue reading on the Shōnen Jump app with Simul-release. Sui Ishida releases on his schedule, but each chapter is usually 30+ pages long, depending on the content—a definite must-read manga.


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