ChocoboGP’ (Read as ChocoboGP Dash) is Available for Free on iOS and Android as Companion to ChocoboGP

Square Enix has launched ChocoboGP’ on iOS and Android for free so fans can spend a little extra time with the characters from ChocoboGP before its Nintendo Switch launch.

ChocoboGP’, pronounced ChocoboGP Dash, is a free app for mobile devices that allows players to dash around on a skateboard-like device through various obstacles. Players can customize their skates, but the game is made to be easy to pick and play with two controls used to reach the goal. The Chocobo can dash or back up to get to the finish line, but players will have to pay attention to the balance meter while also collecting treasure across the course.

Each stage clear grants players coins used to upgrade the rollers. You can play stages as many times as you need and even participate in Ranked courses. There’s a ghost player that you can race against to get a faster time and beat records s well.

The story is as follows:

Chocobo and his trusty moogle partner, Atla, are off in search of treasure.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure overtakes them from behind and steals all the treasure they collected! Oh no!

Chocobo quickly dons the beat-up roller skates he happened across to give chase over mountains, through valleys, and more!

Little did the two treasure hunters know that this chance encounter would lead them on a brand new adventure…

There’s no mention of if players will receive additional connectivity with ChocoboGP on Switch.

A free-to-play version of the game titled Chocobo GP Lite will be available for all players at launch, where the Story Mode prologue can be experienced. The game will be available on Match 10, 2022.

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