Cloud Strife & Squall Leonhart Joining Chocobo GP Season 1; Seasonal Events Explained

Square Enix has announced that Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart, the protagonists of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, respectively, will be joining the race in Chocobo GP as awards to unlock during Season 1.

Further, Seasonal Events are expanded upon. Simply playing the game during Seasons grants players levels and increased rewards like items and Gil. This currency can then be exchanged for prizes like the aforementioned playable Cloud. In addition, Mythril can be used to obtain a Prize Pass tied to the current Season, granting unique rewards like Season-specific characters. 800 Mythril will be freely distributed to players who log on for Season 1, fittingly enough to get Cloud.

The official Twitter thread more intricately explaining Seasonal Events Chocobo GP is below:

You can view the tweets detailing these iconic protagonists’ inclusions below:

Chocobo GP is an approachable racer infused with Final Fantasy elements to give it a distinct identity of its own. For example, aside from the cast consisting of Final Fantasy favorites like Gilgamesh and Chocobo, players can utilize Magicite and character-specific abilities to turn the tides in their favor.

Further, a Story Mode is featured, where playing through it will grant new courses and useable characters. Other gameplay modes include Series Races, trials of skill across several courses demanding players to place as best as possible.

Time Attack allows players to race against past iterations of themselves and against other players’ ghosts to better their racing prowess. Custom race tracks can also be made, and local + online multiplayer add an invaluable degree of replayability. Finally, Chocobo GP mode is a massive online tournament mode featuring 64 players where rewards differ per Season.

Chocobo GP is releasing for Nintendo Switch on March 10, 2022.

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