Visual Novel ‘Chinkamo Twins’ Brings Familial Love West This July

Love Lab has announced the release date for Chinkamo Twins. The visual novel developed by milimili:AMUSE CRAFT EROTICA was originally released in Japan in 2019 and announced for a western release in 2020. It will be available on adult PC stores on July 1st, 2022, with English and Chinese subtitle options. The specific store names were not mentioned by the company.

Chinkamo Twins tells the story of a boy with two sisters who are failing their classes. He is a teacher at their university so he takes it upon himself to help them out. However, it doesn’t seem like they want to learn at all. So he works out a deal where he is nice to them in exchange for their undivided attention. This ends up causing some issues when they develop feelings for their teacher-brother and begin to fight over him.

On one hand, you have Saya, whose voice actress is Nagomi Naruse (Akino Ichinose from Slobbish Dragon Princess). On the other, Uya who’s voiced by Sayoko Hiiragi (Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Curious Queen~‘s Hiiragi Sayoko).

The story is written by Shoukei Wakaba (Prison Princess), and the character designer is Naenae, whose previous works include AMAYAKASE – Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend and WanNyan ☆ a la mode! ~Which Girl Will You Choose? An Erotic Cat & Dog Cafe Experience!~.

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